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Photo Library & Archive

manyriversfilms has one of the most extensive suicide bomber/terrorism-related still and digital archives in the world.

has shot hundreds of hours of professional digibeta quality footage in Iran, Lebanon, Israel, Syria, and Palestine and has an extensive library of suicide terrorism archive. Please contact info@manyriversfilms.co.uk for details of material and licensing.

We also have a large archive of still photographs from our shoots in Iran, Lebanon and Israel. These photos are available for licence to reproduce in newspapers or magazines.

Bob Baer and Israeli soldiers.jpg   Bob Baer at the anti-suicide bomber fence in Israel.jpg   Bob Baer at the anti-suicide bomber fence in Israel.jpg
Bob Baer with suicide bomber Nizam Jabre's parents.jpg   Bob Baer with the family of the first Lebanese suicide bombe.jpg   Boy Hamas terrorists and would-be suicide bombers in the Ga.jpg
Child of the Cult of Death.jpg   Children of terror at Hamas rally in Gaza.jpg   Cult of death.jpg
Ex CIA agent Bob Baer at the head quarters of Global Islamic.jpg   Ex CIA agent Bob Baer talks to cleric in the holy city of Qo.jpg   Ex-CIA agent Bob baer in the forbidden holy city of Qom in I.jpg
Flag 1.jpg   Flag 4.jpg   Hamas militant with gun.jpg
Hamas militants at rally in Gaza.jpg   Hussein 3.jpg   image of Yeyiha Ayyash, Palestinian explosive expert.jpg
Iranian woman mourning her dead son.jpg   Little boy militant at Hamas rally in Gaza Strip.jpg   Martyr Book.jpg
Martyr Poster 1.jpg   Martyr Poster 1.jpg