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The Big Heist

On December 20th 2004 the Northern Bank headquarters in Belfast was robbed of £26.5m. It was the biggest cash bank robbery in criminal history. The Big Heist shook the entire Irish peace process to its foundations.

In this explosive Dispatches, IRA expert Kevin Toolis goes on the money trail from the wilds of west Cork to a Bulgarian allotment patch - to find out who was really behind the Northern Bank raid. And what the robbers planned to do with the stolen cash?

Recently the IRA declared its war was over but has not offered to give any of the stolen Northern Bank cash back. So how far can we really trust a political movement that talks peace one day and robs banks the next?

The Big Heist was broadcast on Channel 4 on September 22nd 2005. It has also been screened on More Four.

Length: 50 minutes

The Big Heist


Reporter/Producer: Kevin Toolis
Director/Producer: Tony Stark
Executive Producer: David Batty
Research: Jenny Berglund, Helen Cook
Production Manager: Pippa White, Michelle Walsh
Camera: Eugene McVeigh
Film Editor: Janet Spiller

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