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The Devil Amongst Us.

The Devil Amongst Us, presented by manyriversfilms’ creative director Dea Birkett was one of the most controversial films ever shown on British television. The hour long documentary examined the hysteria around paedophiles in British society and for the first and only time on British television openly but critically interviewed the men, self-admitted paedophiles, who are castigated as the devils amongst us. Directed by Ian Taylor and produced by Kevin Toolis. 60 mins for Channel 4

Getting Away with Murder

In Getting Away With Murder manyriversfilms investigated the abuse of the provocation defence in relation to gay murders. The 60 minute film interviewed a number of men who had been convicted of brutal homicides but had spent less than four years each in prison by claiming their actions were provoked by ‘homosexual panic’ and sexual advances from the men they killed. Reported and produced by Kevin Toolis. 60 mins for Channel 4

A Heart for Jo

Despite claims to the contrary the medial profession has a history of systematically discriminating against the disabled. In this 30 min film we follow one mother Marion Harris as she battles for a heart and lung transplant for her daughter Jo, who has Down’s Syndrome. Directed by Jill Fullerton-Smith and produced by Kevin Toolis. 30 mins for Channel 4.

Kevin Toolis has also written a number of screenplays for Universal Pictures, Central Televsion and Amblin Entertainment