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Kevin ToolisDea Birkett

  Kevin Toolis

Kevin Toolis is a writer, filmmaker and the founder of manyriversfilms. Toolis is the author of a classic account of the Irish Troubles Rebel Hearts: Journeys Within the IRA's Soul, a study of the IRA. Born in Edinburgh to Irish parents Toolis has lived and worked in the United States and Namibia and reported from all over the world. He also wrote screenplays for Universal Pictures. For a decade he worked as a magazine writer for the Guardian newspaper in London but also wrote for the New York Times Magazine and The Observer.

Toolis is an acknowledged terrorism expert and has studied and reported on conflicts in Africa, Ireland and the Middle East.

Toolis began making documentary films in the mid-nineties. His reporting and producing credits include Getting Away With Murder, The Devil Amongst Us, Circus Days, Circus Nights, Africa's Schindler's List, Anatomy of Attack, Cult of the Suicide Bomber, Car Bomb and The Big Heist.

Toolis won a BAFTA for Best Single Drama for Complicit.


"Rebel Hearts" is a detailed and revealing account of the psychological underworld of Irish Republicanism. Kevin Toolis has investigated the lives of men and women who, for the 25 years of the IRA's war with Britain formed the backbone of its effort.